This New Health Quest Is Confusing!

I’m really getting frustrated with trying to find healthy foods! We’re told, “Eat this food, it’s super healthy for you”! Then, we hear that food is so bad for you! One diet sounds great, another sounds better! I just want a simple healthy eating plan! A plan that doesn’t break my bank, but, is healthy at the same time! 

Last year, I decided to try the Raw Foods Diet, while the rest of my family ate their regular unhealthy stuff. It was so hard because I seemed to crave cooked food! I wasn’t about to get into dehydrating and more costly things. I had to do the diet as cheaply as possible. I would do smoothies, juices, raw veggies, nuts, fruits and seeds. I even made my own organic almond milk!

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My New Health Quest Journey

Follow me as I learn everyday how to listen to my body & feed it what it wants. I have been going crazy lately with trying to figure out what to eat! I have tried eating different healthy foods and still not feeling well! 

My quest began last year, when I started on the Raw Foods Diet. Well, in the beginning I felt good. I had more energy, felt lighter & not bloated, started losing weight, and, my anxiety started to disappear! Well, after losing not only fat, but, muscle, I started to feel crappy! It started with my heart racing and would calm down if I sat down & relaxed. It would start back up again if I started to do anything! So, I started slowly going back to cooked food as my body was craving it. 

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Recipe for Easy Healthy Breakfast

3 Local Free Range Eggs Scrambled

2 Cloves Fresh Garlic Crushed

1 Carrot Sliced Thinly

2 Big Handfuls of Organic Spinach (washed & dried)

1Tbs Organic Coconut Oil

In large frying pan, melt coconut oil and add garlic and carrots, sautee over medium heat until softened. Add spinach & sautee until wilted, Add scrambled eggs and cook to your liking!

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Today’s Healthy Breakfast!


Local Free Range Eggs with Spinach, Carrot & Fresh Garlic

Local Free Range Eggs with Spinach, Carrot & Fresh Garlic


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Feeling Great Starts With What We Put Into Our Bodies!

How do you begin your day? Are you feeding your body the fuel it deserves to function properly for you? How many of you are in a hurry every morning and reach for a quick cup of coffee and a snack? After having that snack, are you hungry again within an hour or two? Well, follow me on this blog where I will share some simple tips and recipes to jumpstart your health. 


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